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Errata (applies to purchases of "Writing Instruction through Guided Analysis" made prior to May 17, 2015)

(The mistakes are listed for the teacher’s book.  Corresponding copywork selections in the student book contain the same errors.)

pg. 44 - In the copywork selection, the word the is missing between the words in and jumbled.   It should read  

Harry carefully peeked between the small cracks in the jumbled rocks.

pg 46 - The answer key does not list the correct subjects. (It repeats the verb list.)  The correct subject list is

boy, He, Dways.

pg. 74 - In the copywork selection, the sentence Sherry leaned over the dock trying to find the mermaid should be written 

Trying to find the mermaid, Sherry leaned over the dock.

pg. 76 - did seem and was are missing from the verb list

pg. 82 - real//creatures, really//could exist

pg 97 - The word for is missing in the copywork selection.  The sentence should read

The house was the perfect size for a two-inch-tall person like her.

pg 152 - The notes for 6 and 7 are inverted.

In the student book, the copywork selections in week 9 are in the wrong order.   Pg 44's copywork should be on pg 46 and pg 46's should be on pg 44.